The INSPIRO Ensemble was founded in 2006 in Poznań (Poland) by Aleksandra Wojtaszek and consists of musicians who adore a cappella music. The singers are open to many different kinds of music, including motets and madrigals, romantic and opera compositions as well as jazz standards.

The conductor`s intent is to integrate vocal individualities, and fuse unique vocal and personal values to obtain an inspiring and coherent sound. The name INSPIRO is not accidental. It means persistence in looking for inspiration connected with musical material, the type of composition and the effect i.e. giving inspiration and the essence of music to the audience.

INSPIRO Ensemble perfectly fits into Poznań`s music scene but the group also performs in many other Polish cities (Warszawa, Szczecin, Gorzów, Legnica, Leszno, Wałbrzych) and abroad: Germany, Czech Republic, France, Spain and Portugal. The group specializes in thematic concerts, for example the music of Renassaince or Romanticism, Chinese, Brasilian or Cuban music, Osiecka`s songs, takes part in various style projects, besides cooperates with Paderevsky`s Academy of Music and other Poznań`s universities, with Poznań Municipal Office and other institutions, with soloists, string quartets and orchestras: Sinfonietta Polonia directed by Cheung Chau and Pro Artibus Hannover directed by Hans Euler.


Soprano: Katarzyna Firsowicz, Agnieszka Korzeniowska, Monika Myler
Alto: Anna Dolata, Alina Kubik, Kinga Waleńska
Tenor: Jakub Kiciński, Chaoran Zuo
Bass: Daniel Plewiński, Jacek Pohl


Compe`re, baritone: Adam Kuliś
Baritone: Michał Korzeniowski
Grand piano: Anna Haas-Niewiedział, Piotr Niewiedział, Sebastian Badziągowski
Guitar: Karol Olejniczak